Patio PM

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Patio PM is a portfolio management tool tailored to the needs of portfolios managers, no matter what their management method:

  • Define the users: Authorization management and hierarchical profiles
  • Work desk: configurable by user
  • Routing of both unit orders and block trades
  • Cover control for securities and cash
  • Configurable asset allocation models and/or model portfolios
  • Management monitoring: Customized dashboard showing performance, enhancements and global counters for your pre-defined portfolios
  • Structural analysis tool which highlights any deviations the portfolio makes from the proposed model (or the Asset Allocation model portfolio)
  • Management restrictions: investment limitations or isolation for non-managerial users
  • Turnover calculator
  • Performance calculator
  • Audit trail


PRO-ADVISORY (powered by BSB-Soliam) is an advisory tool with the following features:

  • Advanced Trading and Advisory Module
    • Manage block trade workflow and bespoke standardization under management
    • Management workflow and recommendations for advisory management
    • CPPI - Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance
    • Manage block trades, assignments and partial executions
  • Client Dashboard Module (CRM)
    • Monitor customers and manage prospects
    • Track and manage contacts, appointments, tasks, ...
    • Manage attachments
    • Integrated with external EDMS
    • Synchronized with Outlook Exchange Server/Lotus
    • Integrated with your business plan
    • Relationship manager (Periodic and on the fly)

PRO-ADVISORY is a tool powered by developer BSB (Soliam), totally integrated into the ProCapital platform where we ensure the launch, maintenance and development of the accounts of our client partners.


Pro-B.I. is a Business Intelligence tool which provides recurring and one-time reports from all necessary client departments: Front and Middle Office, Control, Compliance, etc…

  • PRO-B.I. is a Business intelligence linked to a database which includes all data from client activity:
    • Positions and daily intake
    • Cash and securities movements
    • Order book
    • Performances
    • Block trades
    • Taxation
  • A tool used to capitalize on specialized data
    • Structured data spheres are configured to efficiently produce reports by functional areas
    • A Business Intelligence tool for analyzing data and creating demand reports
    • User and administrator access allows complete control over business line reports.
  • Simple access to functional profiles
    • Easy user-creation
    • Real-time visualization of results
    • An open analysis production platform : PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML
  • Three available tools
    • Interactive reports
    • Analysis tool
    • Dashboard
  • Programming for report production and email.


The Pro-Web service allows our client partners to provide their customers with a fully customized website, integrated into the ProCapital platform as a White Label offer.

  • Advisory or transactional client websites completely personalized to the partner institution’s look and feel.
    • Securities accounts positions
    • Timeline of movements and operations
    • Performance updates
    • Taxation
    • Access to all documents with EDMS
  • Advisory site
    • Manage user hierarchy levels to allow managers and advisors a specialist view of authorizations.
    • Monitor and manage contacts, meetings, tasks…
  • Provision of a CMS (Content Management System)
    • Completely animate the site via content administration
    • Upload downloadable documents (PDF,…)
    • Manage the layout of the site

Pro-WEB is based on the central risk and Patio routing of 4TPM company.


PRO-CORPORATE is an extranet dedicated to the processing of Corporate Actions available for the teams of our client partners:

  • Management module on Corporate Actions decisions
  • Advice of current and future Corporate Actions
  • Mass or individual response by type / profile of accounts management



Our BPO service allows the processing of all transactions and account custody for all assets treated by our client partners:

  • Open architecture allowing the treatment of all Funds
  • Full coverage of equities and bonds treated by French and Belgian retail investors
  • Non-listed securities, tax optimization products...

The flexibility of the ProCapital platform allows us to respond promptly to any requests made by our client partners wanting to market new products.


Our BPO service handles all types of securities accounts:

  • Standard securities accounts
  • PEA (Stock saving accounts)
  • PEA-PME (Stock and share ISAs for SMEs)
  • Securities account management for insurance companies


ProCapital handles all tax treatments relating to operations and to clients with account under custody.

  • Team dedicated to tax management
  • IFU (French tax single return forms), ISF (French wealth tax), TTF (Financial Transaction Tax), belgian Précompte and TOB
  • Foreign tax recovery

ProCapital has a tax management team whose main function is to anticipate all changes in tax regulations and suitably adapt platform and process.

Clients Statements

ProCapital offers its client partners a personalized document-editing service which assimilates all individual customer documents.

  • Account statements (cash movements) and portfolio evaluation
  • ISF
  • Notice of partial withdrawal and closure of PEA
  • Notice and results Corporate Action
  • Capital gain receipts
  • Credit receipts

In addition, an EDM tool (Electronic Document Management) can be provided to our client partners or put online for end customer.




ProCapital’s execution services


  • ProCapital offers its clients a team of traders, available from 07:15 to 22:30. This Front-Office team constantly monitors the execution of all ProCapital’s customer orders and controls the availability of the entire processing chain in real-time.
  • The Front-Office also takes phone orders, including block trades.
  • As a priority point of contact, ProCapital’s Front-Office is able to efficiently respond to queries and issues.
  • In addition to monitoring execution of client orders, the Front-Office manages the processing of applications for regularization.


Dedicated entirely to the treatment of individual client’s securities business, ProCapital built its execution service on the basis of the needs specific to these kinds of investors, by implementing an appropriate execution policy. As such, ProCapital offers the possibility to access the Equiduct market – a market dedicated to individual customers – of which ProCapital is major member.


  • Product types: equities, bonds, warrants, trackers, certificates
  • Operations types: SRD, prorogation, IPO, Privatizations, Applications
  • Order types: limited, market, best limit, stop-loss, stop-limit, care