Our value proposition and business lines


In order to guarantee that our services and tools are compliant, our teams provide regular updates linked to any regulatory changes.

All tools and platforms made available to our clients are MiFID II compliant. 

Therfore, ProCapital ensures that all of the following regulatory obligations are met: KYC management, Ex-ante fee simulation, Pre-trade controls, Adequacy/appropriation, Product governance, Ex-post fee statements, Transaction Settlement Reporting (TSR), RTS28 – Best selection, Alerts -10% Management under Mandate and Leveraged Instruments.


B2C & B2B tools

ProCapital provides its clients with a wide range of white label distribution tools and services

Patio PM is a Portfolio Management tool powered by the editor 4TPM, a ProCapital partner, which meets all the needs of private asset managers, regardless of their porfolio management methods.

This tool includes many valuable features: 

  • User Access Management
  • User-configurable work desk
  • Routing single and block orders
  • Securities and Cash positions control
  • Configurable asset allocation models and/or model portfolios
  • Management monitoring: summary dashboard of valuation, performance and overall counters for a predefined portfolio population
  • Structural analysis tool highlighting portfolios that deviate from the models (asset allocation or model portfolio)
  • Management restrictions: investment restrictions, or isolation of non-managed positions
  • Turnover rate calculation
  • Performance calculation
  • Audit trail


execution Services


ProCapital provides its clients with a high-performance order execution platform, with access to the world’s main markets and venues.

ProCapital handles the orders in several ways: 

  • As a direct market member on Euronext and Equiduct
  • Via its network of brokers in the American, European and Asian markets 
  • For funds, directly with Euroclear France, Fundsettle or via the transfer agent

ProCapital guarantees the compliance of its platform by constantly adapting to changes in the market place and / or legal requirements. 

ProCapital provides its clients with a team of traders, available from 7.15 am to 7.30 pm. This execution desk ensures permanent monitoring of order execution for all ProCapital clients, and controls the availability of the entire processing chain in real time.

As a privileged interlocutor, ProCapital’s execution desl responds reactively to any questions or issues encountered.


ACCOUNT safekeeping and custody services

ProCapital’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offer enables transactions processing and account safekeeping for all types of assets supported by our clients:

  • Open architecture allowing the processing of all mutual funds
  • Coverage of all equity and bond markets in which individuals are active, including unlisted securities, tax exemption products…

The flexibility of ProCapital’s platform also allows us to respond to our clients’ requests for new products in a rapid and flexible way. 


ProCapital’s BPO offer handles all types of securities accounts:

  • Standard securities account
  • PEA (Stock saving accounts)
  • PEA-PME (Stock and share ISAs for SMEs)
  • Securities account management for insurance companies