ProCapital offers a range of services to meet all the needs of companies under increasing regulatory constraints and with demanding client bases:

Expertise in markets and products for individual clients and portfolio managers: Equities and bonds markets, saving bonds, mutual funds, UCITS funds, Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN), non-listed securities.

ProCapital controls key functions of the running of custody and taxation accounts:

  • For all types of accounts: standard securities accounts, PEA (stock saving plans), PEA-PME (Stock saving plans for SMEs), securities accounts for insurance companies.
  • For all tax-related matters : IFU (Single tax return forms), ISF (French wealth tax), financial transaction tax, belgian Précompte and TOB 
  • Recovery of foreign tax
  • Personalized client statements: Account statements (cash movements), portfolio evaluation, ISF statements, transaction notices and Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) notices, partial withdrawal notices and PEA closure, Corporate Action notices and results, capital gain receipts, credit receipts.


The newest in the securities sector, ProCapital uses a totally integrated “Front-to-Back” platform whilst also remaining open to outside platforms. Our service comprises of two main application categories:

  • Provision of securities services: business applications developed internally to ensure the best possible performance, reliability and developement.
  • Provision of tools to our clients: personalized applications from third parties vendors and fully integrated into the ProCapital platform. These tools are custom-made to suit the needs of our users.


For IT production, ProCapital uses the services of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, at the best market standard in terms of performance and reliability.



As the only company in the retail securities services sector with a majority focus on external clients, ProCapital allows its client partners maximum control over the services they are provided with. This control is achieved through:

Clear and precise relationship management:

  • Regular departmental committees: Management, Operations, IT, Compliance
  • Teams dedicated to the daily supervision of relationships.
  • Strong involvement from the management of ProCapital.


Implementation of a Service Level Agreement, contractually fixing the expected level of service:

  • Covering all aspects of the service: Front, Middle and Back Office, IT (performance and availability)
  • Presented and discussed in the committee
  • Penalties for non-compliance with the contract


Provision of business tools:

  • Allowing each client partner direct access to all of their data and activity processed by ProCapital.
  • Application reports are regular or on request.
  • Suitable for all profiles: business, operational, management, compliance…



Ensuring regulatory and fiscal compliance

ProCapital maintains a dynamic monitoring of regulatory changes and guaranties a continuously evolving service, participating actively in the following groups in Paris and Brussels:

  • AFTI (The Professional Securities Trading Association in France)
  • AMAFI ( French Association of Financial Markets)
  • AMF (Financial Markets Authority)
  • Euroclear
  • Euronext
  • LCH Clearnet


As part of the AFTI, ProCapital participates regularly in forums, seminars and conferences on topics related to the evolving businesses of asset management, compliance and negotiation.