Our expertise

The quality of our service is at the centre of our concern

Our clients benefit from the expertise of our teams, the performance of our tools, as well as the support in adapting to regulator, fiscal and market developments.


Services designed to meet all your needs

ProCapital offers a wide range of services to meet all the needs of an organisation with a rather demanding client base subject to increasing and evolving regulatory demands.

ProCapital has in-depth expertise in the products and markets in which individual clients or their portfolio managers are active: equity and bond markets, savings bonds, mutual funds, Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTNs), Innovation mutual funds (FCPIs), unlisted securities or option derivatives.

ProCapital has as strong expertise in the custody and the related management of securities accounts taking into consideration the fiscal characteristics of the underlying customer and asset classes: 

  • For all types of accounts: Ordinary securities accounts, PEAs, PEA-SMEs, Insurance company securities accounts, etc.
  • For all fiscal specificities: single-flat rate tax, Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), Withholding Tax, Tax on Stock Exchange Operations…
  • Corporate events Processing (OST)
  • Relief at source and tax reclaim procedures
  • Personalised client desktop publishing


An integrated and scalable platform adapted to all your needs

ProCapital providees its clients with a completely integrated and scalable Front-to-Back platform.

Our platform, mainly developed in-house, is fully scalable and allows our clients to benefit from operational excellence, continuous compliance of our platform and special attention to the quality of our tools.

For its IT production, ProCapital relies on services provided by Crédit Mutuel Arkéa aligned with the highest market standards in terms of performance and resilience.


A preferential customer relationship throughout the service

In order to ensure the quality of the service delivered, ProCapital guarantees all its clients a preferential everyday relationship.

This customer relationship, based on a partnership model, is built on two complementary axes.

On one hand, ProCapital ensures a clear governance of the relationship:

  • Regular thematic committees: Management, Operational, IT and Compliance
  • Teams devoted to day-to-day relations
  • Strong involvement of ProCapital’s management and all its managers

On the other hand, the implementation of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) contractually fixing the expected level of service on all aspects of the service provision. 


Regulatory and fiscal market watch

ProCapital keeps a dynamic and continuous watch on market, regulatory, fiscal and system-related developments by participating actively in the various working groups of the Paris and Brussels market places:

  • French Association of Securities Professionals (AFTI), in which ProCapital is a board member 
  • AMAFI (ex-AFEI)
  • Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)
  • Euroclear user groups
  • Euronext user groups
  • LCH Clearnet user committees
  • Febelfin

We participate very actively in forums, seminars and conferences on topics related to the development of the asset management, custody and trading businesses.