Discover ProCapital’s profile on Welcome to the Jungle

In order to increase its reputation and attractiveness to potential future employees, ProCapital is subscribing in 2021 to the famous recruitement platform Welcome to the Jungle.ย 


Context and objectives

ProCapital’s presence on Welcome to the Jungle is part of its strategy to develop its employer brand.

Dynamic, interactive and user-friendly, the page aims at promoting ProCapital, its strategy, its values, its jobs and its assets as an employer.

Therefore, ProCapital’s page has serveral objectives:

  1. To allow candidates to better understand ProCapital’s world: who we are, what our jobs are, and who our employees are
  2. To promote ProCapital’s business lines and expertise to future candidates
  3. To desribe profiles and skills sought by the company to support its growth


Discovering our world

Welcome to the Jungle’s visitors can discover ProCapital’s world thanks to some of our employees’ testimony. They have been invited to share their experiences and outstanding professional projects at ProCapital.

On the same page, candidates also have access to all practical informations about the company, its key figures, its offices and its technological environment.

Finally, candidates can also find on this page the profiles and skills sought by ProCapital to support its growth, allowing them to project themselves within the company.



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